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Natural Cures for Diabetes Insipidus

A Guide to Diabetes Insipidus
Diabetes insipidus is referred as a condition where the kidneys fail to conserve water. It is a rare disorder that leads to frequent urination. For making up the lost water, a diabetic may feel the requirement of drinking large amounts of water and as a result urinate frequently, at night too. This may disrupt sleep and occasionally cause bed-wetting.
A child with this disorder is likely to be listless or irritable and may also have diarrhea, vomiting or fever. A mild form of diabetes insipidus is treated by drinking adequate water but in case of severe cases, if left untreated can endanger one's health. This however is a rare condition. There are various natural remedies that can help you cure this problem. These days' people are more in favor of using natural remedies to treat any kind of disease and diabetes insipidus is no different
The Top 7 Natural Cures for Diabetes Insipidus
1. A combination of turmeric powder, gooseberry powder and honey works wonders in treating diabetes insipidus. Juice made from gooseberries and turmeric can be consumed empty stomach. Alternatively, one can also consume grape juice daily. It is one of the most effective natural cures.
2. Mango leaves are one of the best natural cures for diabetes insipidus. For best results, those suffering from diabetes must boil few mango leaves and drink this water every morning on an empty stomach.
3. Rose Geranium: Rose Geranium helps to lower the level of blood sugar, lowers blood pressure as well as helps blood coagulation. This is one of the most beneficial herbs for diabetes. It works wonders for patients suffering from diabetes mellitus as often the sufferers have wounds that are opening on their feet along with skin ruptures.
4. Milk thistle is a very effective form especially amongst the diabetes herbal remedies. As per a research, it has been discovered that milk thistle contains antioxidant properties that contribute to the health of diabetics. It is one of the most recommended natural cures for diabetes insipidus.
5. Soak few black raisins in a bowl of water overnight. Strain this next morning and drink the clear liquid that is obtained. Taken on a regular basis, it helps to control blood sugar. It is one of the best natural cures for diabetes.
6. Chewing few leaves of Butea tree regularly helps to keep blood sugar in check.
7. Consuming jamuns, oranges and tomatoes diligently on a regular basis helps in bringing down the level of blood sugar.
Apart from these natural remedies one can also try natural herbal medicines such as Meshashringi from Himalaya for curing diabetes insipidus without any side effects.
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Minggu, 02 Juni 2013

Healthy Heart Tips

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women in most parts of the world. Scientists have recently found that more than half of all cases of heart disease could have been prevented. It's the lifestyle, that can make a difference between dying of a heart disease, and getting a second chance at life when a heart attack happens.
While you cannot change your genes, there are ways to act proactive and protect your heart health.
You can help your heart immediately when you ditch the cigarettes and moderate your alcohol consumption. Smokers are twice as likely to have a hear attack than non-smokers. Drinking alcohol can damage your heart muscles and increase your blood pressure. Binge drinkers are also more at risk of having a heart attack.
Your heart is a muscle, and as such it needs exercise to stay healthy. Engage in some form of exercise: any activity that gets your heart rate up counts, even cleaning the house or gardening. Use the time you dedicate for staying fit as your time to de-stress, and not to add even more stress to your life with self-torturing exercises. You don't have to run or do aerobics (if you don't want to). Yoga, Thai-chi and Pilates immediately come to mind as forms of both enjoyable and effective exercises you can take on.
Control your weight: carrying a lot of extra way can tax your heart. Give your best shot at trying to eat healthy! You already know you should choose skimmed instead of full-fat milk, leaner cuts of meat, and avoid too much fried and processed food in your diet.
You should eat as much vegetables and fruit as you can. Cut out saturated and trans fats from your diet, and embrace Omega 3 fatty acids rich food, such as oily fish or nuts: this will lower your cholesterol and that will in turn lower your risks for heart attack. Learn to enjoy your meals without over-salting them: too much salt can raise your blood pressure, which is in itself a heart disease risk factor.
To stay heart-healthy, you need to know your numbers: check your blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. If you're already taking medicine to treat these health problems, be sure to take them regularly.
If you're a happily married volunteer who has a large social circle, you have, unknowingly, already put yourself in a lower risk status for heart disease - according to one recent study on heart health. It turns out that those people have significantly lower blood pressure numbers and other risk factors for heart disease. Looks like that what's good for your heart - is good for your heart!
Take the proactive approach to your cardiovascular health and learn about heart attacks at "Urban health" is a well-known health magazine in Malaysia.