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it Is Easy To Lose Health Insurance

A good percentage of voters believe that the health care crisis in the US affects and will affect other people. They have always had medical insurance coverage and believe that they always will have coverage. However, there are big holes in our present system and it is far too easy to fall into one of them.

Health insurance agents hear this story over and over again. A potential client, let's call her Susan, will call looking for health care insurance. Susan has worked for decades and has never been without coverage.

She lost her group healthcare insurance about a year ago when she became too ill to do her job. She took the COBRA option. Now she is nearing the end of her eligibility for COBRA and wants to get an individual health COVERAGE policy.

Her medical condition prevents her from doing her job, but has not outward symptoms. She is able to do most of the things she wants to do. Her doctor has told her that she is doing fine. From a medical perspective she is. With proper care, she will live a long life. However, from an insurability standpoint, she is not. The the right medicines the doctor expects her to get would be expensive and will cost them more than the premiums they can charge Susan. Susan is shocked when she hears this.

Susan might cry. She might be furious. Susan has worked all her life and has played by the rules. she believes that she should qualify for affordable health care.

Susan learns from the agent that there is a state-sponsored program that she will qualify for. However, it is two or three times the cost of the COBRA plan that she can barely afford. So although there is a program that she qualifies for medically, she cannot possibly afford to pay for it. Susan is out of work and has cut back on everything in order to survive.

What does Susan do? She might pray that she has no major health care event until she qualifies for Medicare. She might purchase the state-sponsored program with help from her children. Either way she will probably worry about her state of wellness and her financial standing all the time.

Another call medical insurance brokers get a lot is the one from Bill. Bill's daughter Lisa has been insured on his health care coverage policy since her birth. Lisa is now an adult and is about to be kicked off his policy due to her age.

Lisa has all appearances of a state of wellness, but she has a problem with her kidney. She takes a high-priced medicine that allows her to do everything she wants to do. So long as she takes her medication she's fine. No one outside of her family and very close friends know that she has ever had a disease more severe than a hangnail.

Lisa has had healthcare insurance since her conception, but now cannot get affordable health insurance because she has aged out of her parents' policy and is uninsurable in the private market. She is faced with the prospect of doing without her medicine and putting her health at risk. She might ask her parents to help pay for a pricey state-sponsored program. Lisa doesn't know that they can only afford to do this at the expense of their retirement. They have just finished paying for Lisa's education and had planned to put any extra money they earn over the next ten years into their retirement fund.

There are hundreds of thousands of Lisas and Susans around the country. These are People who have played by the rules and have lost their job-based coverage due to a major sickness.

When medical coverage is tied into your employment, if you lose your employment or you lose your healthcare insurance coverage. Cancer or a heart attack a car crash can keep you from being employable. When you are no longer able to do your job, chances are you will no longer be eligible for your company healthcare insurance coverage. This can mean that you die before your time because you cannot afford to pay for healthcare care or healthcare coverage when you are no longer getting a job.

America's present medical care system is a bad one for too many. An average Joe will don't know so many hard working Americans who have done what they could to maintain healthcare insurance through their companies can have their health devastated in our current system. You lose your state of wellness, then you lose your employment, then you lose your health care coverage, then you lose your house. And there isn't much you can do about it in the current system.

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