Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

Calcium for Diabetes: Disease and Obesity Fighting Supplement

According the IDF (International Diabetes Federation) nearly a quarter of all adults have metabolic syndrome, a pre-curser for diabetes. Diabetes itself, of course, comes with a whole range of its own problems. It makes you twice as at risk to suffer from a fatal heart attack or stroke.
Diabetes is made up of a sub-set of four conditions, namely:
  • abdominal obesity
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • impaired glucose tolerance
Metabolic syndrome's origins are vague to researchers, but they believe that abdominal obesity and insulin resistance are the two main culprits.
Calcium Could Fight Metabolic Syndrome
Cal/Mag is usually used only to build strong bones, and people don't understand the underlying benefits of this potent complex.
It is needed to help manage your heart rate, stop your blood from clotting, help with muscle relaxation and contraction and a wide spectrum of other metabolic functions. Magnesium alone is an essential co-factor for well over 300 biological and enzymatic functions. It is important for heart health and production of cell energy.
Together, these two minerals also helps to calm nerves, works in the complex nervous system. A deficiency can have catastrophic consequences, as the blood will start to leach calcium from the bones - that's the start of osteoporosis. Continued deficiency will cause the the by-producs of deficiency start attacking the joints where it will break down the cartilage. That is how arthritis occurs. When it binds with fat, it forms plaque in the arteries and also start causing kidney damage.
However, Cal/Mag supplementation can help to prevent and manage these deficiencies and also fight metabolic syndrome.
During a study in the USA, supplementation has helped subjects to lose weight unexpectedly, without changing their diets. Also, people who consumed more calcium had lower body-fat levels and had much lower obesity levels. The high supplementation groups lost more than 7% of their weight, mostly in the abdominal regions. The results showed that diets low in these two minerals stimulated the hormones that signal fat storage in the body.
There are many more benefits to the body as a result of Cal/Mag supplementation. From healthy bones, to healthy hormones, better moods, lower PMS symptoms, good heart health, and healthy cholesterol levels to maintaining health pH levels. Most degenerative conditions can be ascribed to high levels of acidity in the body, including general symptoms such as fatigue, stiff joints and muscles and obesity.
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